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Our story

When it comes to choosing a life insurance broker in Canada, it is important to keep in mind that not all life insurance agents are the same. Some life insurance brokers only deal with a few insurance companies. Some only work with one insurance company and that is not enough to be able to shop around and get you the best deal. Depending on your health situation and the underwriting practices of certain life insurance companies in Canada, it may be better to avoid some insurance companies and only apply to others.

Also, when looking for a life insurance broker in Canada, remember that some life insurance agents are not equipped to do business digitally. That means that in order to process an application they must meet with you face to face and most likely, several times. Obviously, this can take a lot of time, and coordination for both the client and the advisor.

At Easy Insurance our life insurance brokers have only one goal: to save you time and money.


Digital Operation

We do everything over the phone or digitally. No more meeting advisors at their office or your house. Whether we are doing a free no-obligation needs analysis for you, advising you on the different types of insurance, or finding you the best rates, we do it on your time when it is convenient for you, and quickly.

Our Life insurance brokers work with insurance companies in BC that have the capability of processing the entire insurance application over the phone. These insurance companies are also some of the largest and most stable insurance companies in the world.


We are independent. We work with all the top life insurance companies in Canada but we don’t work for them; we work for you. We shop around to get the best offers to insure your life. Depending on your unique situation we will match you up with the insurance company that will give you the best terms and conditions.


We are knowledgeable and experienced: With nearly two decades of combined life and health insurance experience you can rest assured knowing we will give you the best possible advice every time.
Not only do we have years of experience, our life insurance brokers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with the various life insurance companies all over Canada. We know which companies will be able to get you the best terms and conditions no matter what your situation.


We are all about serving you. We eat, breath, and sleep service. You have our commitment that we will do everything we can to give you as much value as possible. As a digital life insurance broker, we strive to make your insurance purchase and ownership as easy and accessible as possible and continue to improve in order to serve the changing needs of the market

Health Issues?

Having some trouble getting affordable insurance coverage because of health conditions (COPD, heart disease etc.), or dangerous hobbies (skydiving, scuba diving, etc.)? We’ve got you covered, we specialize in getting the best offers for our clients no matter what their situation. There are specific life insurance companies where this is their specialty and you want to make sure that if you are in this situation, you are applying for a solution that will meet your unique needs

With access to all the top rated life insurance companies we always find the lowest rates available.

Contact us or complete our quote request form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Alternatively you can book an appointment with us here.